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"During my pregnancy Stephanie helped shape our thoughts on the type of birth experience we would like to have. Her calming presence was key to me during labor, and it helped my husband to be a part of the process as well. We had a natural, fast, and beautiful birth even though it took place in a hospital. Stephanie's amazing personality was an essential element of this intimate experience, and both my husband and I felt safe throughout this special event in our lives." - Hajnal 

 Doula Services from Pregnancy through Postpartum in Ithaca, NY

First-time families
Doula care provides first-time families with education and support while you navigate your new role as parents.  A doula will objectively guide you in discovering your values around birth and parenting and direct you to evidence based information.  A doula will also assist you during the unknowns of birth.

A doula can be a valuable asset in achieving a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) as she will stay with you and provide emotional and physical support during your birth.  Many VBAC moms find that they need to have a powerful birth team of people that believe in their ability to birth vaginally. 

Home birth
A doula is a wonderful complement to homebirth, working with your midwife and husband or partner to have a birth tailored to your values and needs.  Homebirth allows families to freely choose the environment and people that they want at their birth as well as a variety of other options such as freedom of movement, pushing position of choice, birth tubs and the ability to eat and drink as desired. 

Hospital birth
During a hospital birth, a doula is a reassuring and calm presence to help guide you through your birth.  She will maintain a constant and consistent presence, providing you with the kind of support you desire.   A doula will familiarize you beforehand with common hospital protocols and procedures and provide you with the information and support on how to best achieve your ideal birth within the hospital setting.

Cesarean birth
If you require either a scheduled or an emergency cesarean, your doula will either accompany you during the cesarean birth or just shortly after (if your husband or partner is the one to be with you during the birth).  Your doula will provide a calm role in helping you meet and bond with your baby after the birth.

Postpartum care
A doula is your best resource in providing sensible help after your baby's birth.  She is trained in assessing the mother's needs, and subsequently, the family's needs, from compassionate listening to doing dishes to helping mom and baby establish a good latch.  Postpartum doula care allows for families to decide what kind of help will be most useful to them so that they can enjoy their baby while the practical matters of the home are taken care of.  She also maintains an updated referral list for a host of valuable resources related to child/maternal health.

Overnight infant care
A doula can provide night time help for sleep-deprived parents.  Whether breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, a doula can offer relief by changing diapers, soothing and rocking baby to sleep or staying up with a wakeful baby.  Having the benefit of better sleep is particularly helpful if both parents have to work soon after the baby is born.  If you are night weaning your baby, a doula can be a calming presence to help with night time transitions.